Reservoir pond "Hutterer See"

an alpine jewel on the "Hutterer Böden"

Walking time: 90 min
Summer folder trail number 2

The excursion to the smaller reservoir "Hutterer See" is perfect for a short hike with the whole family and is suitable for prams. Start at the mountain station of the Höss cable car. From there, an easily accessible forest road leads past the valley station of the Höss-Express 6-seater chairlift and climbs rapidly towards the west.

Above the "Hutterer See" you can enjoy the first unobstructed view of the mountain range of the Tote Gebirge - the guardians of the Stoder Valley: Großer Priel (2,514 m), Spitzmauer (2,446 m), Kleiner Hochkasten (2,352 m), Großer Hochkasten (2,389 m). 

The way back is the same as the way up. At the middle station, several huts invite you for a snack.

Hutterer See | © eva-lotte-fotografiert