Frei wie ein Vogel beim Paragleiten in Hinterstoder.
free as a bird
Explore Hinterstoder From Above

Paragliding in Summer

Air Sports in Hinterstoder

! Attention!
Helicopter camera flights will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. on Sunday June 12, 2022.
The helicopter will fly very low in this period
in the area of the Höss / Höss toll road.

Clear mountain air, soft wind, perfect thermal lift and picture-perfect view. Sounds fantastic? It is fantastic! Take off and explore Pyhrn-Priel-Region from above – free as a bird!

The gondola (special tickets for paraglider) takes you up the mountain to the launching site. Learn more about launching and landing sites and safety now!

Good to know: Hinterstoder offers tandem flights with experienced pilots of Hinterstoder Flying School. Perfect for beginners who’ve always wanted to try paragliding. Paragliding is also possible in the winter.

 Bird's eye view during paragliding in Hinterstoder
Beim Paragleiten in Hinterstoder erwartet euch eine traumhafte Aussicht auf das Bergmassiv.
BeimParagleiten erwartet euch ein unglaublicher Panoramablick auf die Berglandschaft in Hinterstoder und Umgebung.
Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm! Die ruhige Natur liegt euch in den Morgenstunden beim Paragleiten zu Füßen.
In luftiger Höhe dem Himmel so nah – beim Paragleiten in Hinterstoder!

For a Safe Flight in Hinterstoder

Four Rules for Safe and Sustainable Flying

These four rules should be observed by all air sports athletes:

  1. Takeoff at the training grounds is only permitted for athletes with paragliding certificate, valid insurance and licenced paraglider. Or: officially approved foreign licence.
  2. Takeoff and landing only allowed in designated areas; absolutely no landing at Hutterer Böden (mid-station) and on ski slopes. Moreover: keep to minimum safe altitude, so not to disturb the lift service.
  3. Tandem pilots and holders of training certificates have to register with the flight school before takeoff. Commercial flights and trainings need prior written approval
  4. Weißenbachtal/SW-Kante is an absolute no-fly zone to protect the wildlife. Flying and deep soaring is legally prohibited. 

Paragliding – from the Mountain to the Valley

Launch and Landing Sites in Hinterstoder

1 - Launch site “north”: Observe wind wheel at the gondola, do not take off with southern directions!

3 – Launch site west: A lee zone can develop at the west edge in the afternoon with strong valley winds. On such days fly to the landing site right after the reservoir with sufficient height. And do not fly too low at the western slopes!

C – Emergency landing site

D – Landing site: big lawn right to the municipal office/tourist office. In regular valley wind fly a left turn. With winds out of the valley fly a right turn. Do not land too close to the buildings because of the rotors!

E – No starting or landing, keep to minimum distance of 100 m AGL

F – No soaring, minimum distance of 100 m AGL

Learn more about limitations in 3D on Google Earth Pro .

For more information please contact Hinterstoder Flying School!