Action und eine Extraportion Adrenalin erwartet euch im Funpark und auf der Funslope.
Blackhill park!
one park and a lot of fun

Hochficht Terrain Park

Paradise For Snowboarders And Freestylers

Enjoy fun at Hochficht in winter at the fullest – not only on traditional pistes, but also off the piste. Blackhill terrain park is a very popular hotspot for freestylers who want to have additional fun and action.

Adrenlinkick, Action und Abwechslung im Funpark in Hochficht.
Für Abwechslung ist im Funpark in Hochficht gesorgt.
Wer auf der Suche nach einer Extraportion Adrenalin ist, ist im Funpark genau richtig.
Action-Liebhaber fühlen sich im Funpark wie zu Hause.

Offers at Blackhill Terrain Park

What makes the freestyler's heart jump?

Kickers, boxes, rails, tubes and a lot of fun with special obstacles. That is what the tri-border ski resort at Hochficht has in store for adrenaline freaks. The terrain park and its spectacular offers are well-known and make Blackhill terrain park a real hotspot for shredders, freestylers and snowboarders.

Every winter terrain park at Hochficht boasts:

  • 2 to 5 butter boxes to jib and easy entrance
  • 3 to 4 various rails to challenge your balance
  • 2 to 4 PVC tubes
  • 1 to 2 boxes for perfect grinding and sliding
  • 1 medium kicker for spins and flips
  • various special obstacles such as tubes and pole jam

Ready to shred the terrain park?

Grooming and equipment for terrain park actions

Proper preparation is important!

Every year experienced and well-known shapers create the freestyle paradise at Hochficht. The convincing result can be seen at  Blackhill terrain park: a creative diversity that impresses locals and guests alike. In case of necessary re-shapes, the competent crew is always there to meet all the expectations.  

And the preparation  of skis and snowboards?  Sharpening of edges or waxing: Intersport Pötscher is located in the centre of Hochficht Ski Resort. They are happy to help you. You can also rent the latest freestyle equipment there. So, get prepared for you perfect adventure...

more Fun At Hochficht

Fun slope and wave trails

You want to compete with others? Why don't you try it at Hochficht Fun Slope?

The cross course is located beneath Peak Hochficht. Get your kicks there! If you are bored with classic ski slopes you will be happy to check out our wave courses at Hochficht ski resort.

What are you waiting for? Get your lift tickets for borderless winter fun at the Bohemian Forest holiday resort!