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Summer and Winter

Events at Hochkar

Great Atmosphere

Situated between 1,300m and 1,800m Hochkar is the perfect event location. Hochkar and its fantastic countryside is a regular host of the most exciting events of the Mostviertel region. There will never be a dull moment!

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Fun, fun, fun at Hochkar

THE Location in the Ybbstal Alps

The breathtaking atmosphere of Hochkar is the ideal place for stirring events especially in the winter.

Events in Winter:

Hochkar – that’s skiing bliss in breathtaking countryside. If there is also a party going on …. even better!

Being the first one on the slopes, a nice glass of wine on the sunny terrace or skiing in a dirndl – everything possible at Hochkar ski resort!

Hochkar Events you shouldn’t miss, because

  1. … partying in the snow is sooo much fun!
  2. … dawn at Hochkar Vorgipfel is unbelievably beautiful.
  3.  … you will have a memorable time with your friends.
  4.  … skiing in a dirndl makes you free.
  5. … you want to learn about your limits at the alpine triathlon!