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Sunny Outlook for Kasberg

Weather at Kasberg

Current Weather and Weather Forecast

Skiing in the sun or bad weather programme? Cap or shades? The weather is important whether you are planning a trip for the weekend or a winter holiday!

3-day forecast

For Kasberg

The weather in the valley

0 / 5 °C
Rain will gradually turn into snowfall, and slow down towards evening.
-3 / 5 °C
Snow showers continuing into the afternoon, afterwards clouds breaking up.
-5 / 10 °C
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.

The weather on the mountain

-8 / -2 °C
Constant snowfall through the day. Slow-down towards evening.
-10 / -4 °C
A mixture of sunny periods and scattered snow showers.
-5 / 4 °C
Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snowfall around noon, then the clouds will break up.