connection between access ticket and iSki-tracker
The tracking app
for more ski fun


The app that lets you track your ski day

The app for iOS and Android analyses your entire ski day. The number of kilometres you’ve covered on the slopes, the difference in altitude, number of lifts or your speed: At the end of the day, you can see the data for your whole ski day! 

The perfect opportunity to keep a ski diary: You can create your own detailed altitude profile and track your exact speed. That’s how you can analyse your ski day and find out where you can improve your performance. 

The smartphone app

Always on hand

What’s so convenient about the iSki-Tracker? You’ve always got it on hand! Just download the free app and start it at the beginning of your ski day. That’s how the tracker can record all kilometres and metres in altitude via movement data from your phone’s GPS. 

The iSki-Tracker also lets you keep an eye on the current weather, avalanche warnings and snow conditions. From the comfort of your couch. 

Why get the iSki-Tracker? 

  • Communication hub: With the app, you can track all kinds of data, analyse it, compare it with others and share it. 
    Speed check: The track in the ski diary shows a detailed altitude and speed diagram. 
  • Track sharing: This feature allows you to share your track on Facebook or via e-mail. 
  • Exact data: Your movements are located and recorded via GPS, which gives you a high level of data accuracy. 
  • Detailed analyses: On the website of Hinterstoder ski resort, you can see individual days as well as the total achievements of the ski resort. Perfect for competing with friends and family! 
  • Free installation: The download of the app is for free. 
  • No roaming charges: Since tracking happens via GPS, there are no additional charges.


By the way: The iSki-Tracker also offers detailed information about the ski resorts. Weather and snow conditions, avalanche warnings, open lift facilities … Everything can be accessed conveniently on your smartphone!