Team building during 3D archery on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler
Experiencing Adventures
together as a team

Discovering Wurbauerkogel as a group, club or company team

An excursion of the extraordinary kind

Strengthening the team spirit together with your co-workers or fellow club members. Rewarding your team for the great work they’re doing. Celebrating the company’s successes together. Thanking people for their active support and volunteer work. There are many reasons for group excursions and team events. Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain offers the perfect setting for diverse activities where groups can celebrate and master different challenges together. Memorable moments included – with or without action, in summer in the Pyhrn-Priel region. 

Staff outing, club excursion, company celebration or team building event: Find out more about the various offers for strengthening your sense of togetherness and team spirit! 

Group of three bikers on the trail on Wurbauerkogel | © Michael Steiner
Climbers at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park | © Alpenverein
Visitors at the "The fascinating world of rocks exhibition participating in the tower quiz.
Outside view of the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Elke Mitterhuber
The nostalgic one-person chairlift takes guest onto Adventure Mountain.
A woman enjoys the view of the surrounding mountains from Kalkalpen National Park nature trail.  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Iris Egelseer

Diverse leisure activities for group and club excursions

Let’s do it – as a team!

Between the valley station and the mountain station of Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain, there’s plenty of room for adventures of all kinds: hiking, biking, climbing or action-fuelled leisure-time attractions like the Alpine Coaster. And how about giving 3D archery a go? It’s no secret that movement outdoors in fresh air can make you ravenously hungry – that’s why the mountain restaurant and Mostschänke Horner (tavern) on Wurbauerkogel are perfectly prepared to welcome groups. 

Colourful and diverse: That’s what best describes the offers on Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain. 

“Together, we can do anything!” is the motto for your company, club or group excursion? That’s just the spirit – and it’s palpable at the adventure stations on Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain. What else is palpable? How much fun people are having during the events, activities and competitions. 


What could a team event on Wurbauerkogel look like for you? 

teamEvents on the 3D archery course: A little warm-up at the practice area and then you’re off for an adventure in the forest with your team – equipped with bow and arrow. Who’s got the best aim? Who’s a champion at hunting up the 3D targets? Questions you’ll receive an answer to on Adventure Mountain – go ahead and find out! 

Hiking on Wurbauerkogel and at Kalkalpen National Park: Walking through Windischgarsten’s valley and chatting about this and that every step of the way: Hiking can work wonders for resolving lingering misunderstandings and disagreements within a group. Just take a deep breath, enjoy the scenery, and strengthen the team spirit while you’re at it! 

Tip: The Panorama Tower with its scenic-view platform offers a breathtaking view of 21 two-thousand-metre summits. And by the way: Groups can visit the tower outside of regular opening hours if they make a reservation (for groups of 10+ people). Enjoy a naturEvent at the national park in a private atmosphere!

“I want to ride my bicycle”: At the Pyhrn-Priel Bikepark’s Bikecenter by the valley station of Wurbauerkogel, you can rent all the equipment you need and get some tips from the pros before you grab your bike and take the chairlift up the mountain. And then it’s finally time to muster up all your courage and dash down the trails and routes on Adventure Mountain! 

More info on the various group events …

Listen up, adrenaline junkies: On Adventure Mountain, there’s plenty of action happening. Either alone or on a two-person sled, you’ll be swooshing through curves, loops and over jumps on the Alpine Coaster. Squealing, deep belly laughs, and tons of fun included! 

Options for a break on Adventure Mountain

Cheers to team spirit!

What’s the best way to end an eventful day on Wurbauerkogel? Exactly: having a delicious dinner together. On Adventure Mountain, you’ll have several options for that: the mountain restaurant, Mostschenke Horner (tavern) or one of the many inns and restaurants in Windischgarsten’s town centre. What’s on the menu? Regional delicacies, traditional dishes like “Brettljause” and more. By the way: Groups who make an advance reservation can visit the mountain restaurant outside of regular opening hours as well. What’s more, buses have the option of driving up all the way to the mountain station on Wurbauerkogel. 

More about restaurants and culinary offers in Windischgarsten and how to get to Adventure Mountain! 

You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have with your team, club, friends or colleagues during a group excursion. Unless you can’t agree on the activities you want to do …