Numerous kids practicing their aiming skills at the canopied practice area of the 3D archery course.
of the extraordinary kind

Visiting Adventure Mountain with your classmates

Because it’s more fun as a group

Movement and fun in fresh mountain air rather than sitting in a stuffy classroom – that’s the motto for all those coming to Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain for a school trip. And that’s why we provide suitable offers for school groups – so students and teachers can experience plenty of wonderful moments that are even more exciting when enjoyed as group. And the conditions for that could hardly be better: There’s more than enough fun to be had in Upper Austria –  the Alpine Coaster, the 3D archery course, the Panorama Tower or at the Bikepark.

Activities for school groups

Memorable school excursions

School groups want to be entertained, so that nobody gets bored. On Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain, students get to spend an exciting day with their teachers and mates. How about a visit to the Panorama Tower on top of Adventure Mountain, where you have a view of 21 two-thousand-metre summits?

Adrenaline junkies can look forward to the Alpine Coaster. The all-weather attraction has you racing across Adventure Mountain at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour, and it’s a wild ride that’ll make you beam with joy – that’s for sure! The tubular steel construction with 16 hairpin bends, loops and jumps meanders down Wurbauerkogel and makes riders scream with laughter.

Tip: The weather seems to be thwarting your plans for your visit to Adventure Mountain? Not that big of a deal! Even on rainy days, there’s plenty to do and discover on Wurbauerkogel. 

You’re already itching to start your school trip? Get in touch with the Wurbauerkogel team! They’ll happily provide you with more information. 

Variety is what makes school trips exciting

Leisure-time fun and informative highlights in one location

Learning is fun when you’re on a school trip: And a visit to the exposition titled “The fascinating world of rocks” at the Panorama Tower (including tower quiz!) or a climbing adventure at Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park are especially popular. After all, it’s not an everyday occurrence that you can find adrenaline rushes, knowledge about rock formations and fun with your friends all in one location. 

By the way: School groups can visit the Panorama Tower outside of regular opening hours if they make a reservation in advance. 

A special kind of adrenaline rush awaits you all summer long at the Bikepark on Wurbauerkogel. With tips, tricks and support, the guides and pros of the Bikecenter at the valley station will get you perfectly prepared for the four different trails. Are you always on the hunt for new and exciting adventures? Perfect! While kick-biking or climbing – it’s time to live it up! 

Ready, steady, and … let go! On the 3D archery course, you can practice your aiming skills with bow and arrow. Quiet like a hunter, you’ll be sneaking through Wurbauerkogel’s forests always on the lookout for animals. A bear here, a stag there – and behind the bushes, a rabbit might hide. The 3D animal mockups will make you feel like a hunter with bow and arrow at the “schulEvents”. 


perfectly adapted for school groups!

schulKombi 1: This package includes the ascent and decent by chairlift and the admission to the Panorma Tower with its exhibition. 

schulKombi 2: This package includes the same services as schulKombi 1. On top: you also get to go an action-fuelled adventure on the Alpine Coaster. 

schulEvent downhill: The package includes the ascent with the chair lift, rental bike, safety equipment, entry to the bike park and a ride on the Alpine Coaster.

naturEvent Nationalpark: a perfect package with an additional portion of nature. Included is a guided half-day hike with the National Park Ranger and admission to the panorama tower including film and interactive exhibition. A ride on the Alpine Coaster ensures a perfect finish!

Here you will find the prices:

schulEvents at the 3D archery course

schulEvent TOMAHAWK: Visit various adventure stations from the “bear’s den” to the “Olympic bow” accompanied by an experienced archery trainer!

  • Included: ascent and descent on the chairlift, admission to the Panorama Tower and a ride on the Alpine Coaster

schulEvent MATERPFAHL: At this event, you get to experience 3D archery under the guidance of an archery trainer as well. 

  • Included: ascent and descent on the chairlift and a run on the Alpine Coaster  

schulEvent WIGWAM: An experienced archery trainer takes you to the various adventure stations with 3D objects. 

  • Included: guided hike under the topic of “team spirit / social contacts”, admission to the Panorama Tower
Climbers at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park | © Alpenverein
Visitors at the "The fascinating world of rocks exhibition participating in the tower quiz.
A mother and daughter enjoying a speedy descent on the Alpine Coaster!  | © Hinterramskogler
Team building during 3D archery on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler
Numerous kids practicing their aiming skills at the canopied practice area of the 3D archery course.

Tickets and accommodation options for school groups

An all-round carefree package for students and teachers

School trips and the sports week are always the highlights of every school year – especially, when a visit to Wurbauerkogel in the Pyhrn-Priel region is planned. Group deals and exclusive rates for students and teachers can be booked in advance. Get an overview of the various ticket prices and find a suitable accommodation for the whole class! 

The Wurbauerkogel team as well as the Pyhrn-Priel team will be more than happy to help you plan an amazing school trip. Just get in touch! 

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Outside view of the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Elke Mitterhuber

Panorama Tower

Breathtaking scenic views 

Look forward to stunning scenic views, an exhibition about "The fascinating world of rocks", and the new tower quiz! 

A mother and daughter enjoying the speedy ride with the Alpine Coaster on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler

Alpine Coaster

Full speed ahead & downhill!

Find out about this all-weather, action-packed leisure activity on Adventure Mountain! 

On a tour of exploration: by the "wheel of time" on "Natur-Spuren" (nature's traces) adventure trail on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen Archiv


Exploring Wurbauerkogel on foot

Hiking in the Pyhrn-Priel region and on Wurbauerkogel is great fun for everyone!