Guests heading into adventure on Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/E. Mitterhuber
A mountain
full of adventure

Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain

Leisure-time fun in Windischgarsten in Upper Austria

An excursion destination that’s popular with guests of all ages and that catapults you into leisure-time fun – that’s what adventure-loving visitors find on Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten. In the Pyhrn-Priel region, Adventure Mountain boasts ten attractions from relaxing to action-fuelled and exciting. From the valley station all the way up to the mountain station, over to Kalkalpen National Park and Wurzeralm: Wurbauerkogel is jam-packed with activities for summer guests. 

Adventures for everyone

The perfect mix of sports and limitless fun

A mountain that offers something for everyone. You don’t believe there is one? Think again! Little or grown-up explorer, athletic adventurer or laid-back pleasure-seeker: They all find the perfect combination of scenic, cultural and sporty highlights in Windischgarsten in Upper Austria. 

Visiting Adventure Mountain as a family and collecting lots of beautiful memories for your photo album at home. Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park, or the diverse trails of the Bikepark: Mum, Dad and the little ones will experience adventures that they’ll remember for a long time to come. What’s more, families receive many great discounts with the Pyhrn-Priel Card

Visiting Adventure Mountain as a school group is definitely one of the highlights of the school year for both students and teachers. Whether it’s for a one-week trip or just an excursion: On Adventure Mountain, exciting activities abound. How about a challenging and informative quiz at the Panorama Tower? Or deep belly laughs on the all-weather Alpine Coaster as you’re swooshing down the mountain? 

Visiting Adventure Mountain as a group, company team or club is a highlight for every member. Extended hike in Kalkalpen National Park, or teamEvents like 3D archery with a relaxed dinner at the mountain restaurant on Wurbauerkogel: Groups can choose from a colourful variety of things to do. What’s more, there are great discounts and special rates for larger groups and clubs. Check out the ticket prices right away! 

By the way: It’s super easy to get to the mountain station on Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain in Windischgarsten. How? The chairlift takes visitors up to higher altitudes. 

Alpine Coaster

An action-packed summer


You won’t be able to stand your excitement when you see the Alpine Coaster! And in case the weather isn’t quite as nice one day, this all-weather activity has got you covered. The 760-metre tubular steel rail construction and the two-person sleds mounted onto it not only offer tons of fun but also maximum safety. You’ll be swooshing through hairpin bends, loops and over jumps with up to 40 kilometres per hour – it hardly gets more thrilling! 

Tip: If the weather doesn’t play along with your plans and the sky is covered in clouds, that’s no reason to get the blues. We’ve summarised some bad-weather tips for activities you can do on rainy days on Wurbauerkogel.

Bikepark on Wurbauerkogel

Obstacles, trails and spectacular downhill passages

Have you ever heard of the Blue Lollipop, the Big Red or the Black Widow? You haven’t? Then it’s about time you visit the Bikepark on Wurbauerkogel. Several routes with different features and obstacles – created by nature or man – wind through the forests and meadows of Adventure Mountain. Warm up your muscles, focus your mind on what lies ahead, and muster up some courage … And then, let’s go!  

If you don’t have a bike of your own or would like to try a different one, you should visit the Pyhrn-Priel Bikecenter. The pros will have several tips and tricks in store for you as well!

One attraction after another …

Fascination Wurbauerkogel: playfully exploring nature

Learning about the local flora and fauna, and enjoying a breathtaking view of 21 two-thousand-metre summits: That’s what you can do at the Panorama Tower by the mountain station, which lets you take in the stunning panorama of the Upper Austrian Pyhrn-Priel region. At the six-storey glass tower, you can also look forward to an exhibition titled “The fascinating world of rocks”. Which interesting, extraordinary, remarkable feats of nature can be observed in the mountains? Go ahead and find out – at the Panorama Tower! 

Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park is located only 25 minutes from there on foot. Seven practice via ferratas in various levels of difficulty will have adrenaline junkies jump for joy! 

Sneaking through the forest like Robin Hood and practicing your aiming skills by shooting at 3D animal targets with bow and arrow: 3D archery is a fun activity to do as a team. And when the arrow soars through the air and the hits the target, you’ll know you’ve gotten the hang of it. So why not give it a shot? 

Visitors at the "The fascinating world of rocks exhibition participating in the tower quiz.
Outside view of the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Elke Mitterhuber
Climbers at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park | © Alpenverein
A teenager climbing the rock face at the Mountain Climbing Park  | © Alpenverein
Two kids practicing their skills with bow and arrow at the practice area on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler
A girl practicing her aiming skills with bow and arrow while a boy tries to distract her.  | © Hinterramskogler

Restaurants and more on Adventure Mountain

Welcoming and hospitable

Delicious hearty meals, homemade pastries and desserts, and a big selection of refreshments – the hosts of the mountain restaurant on Wurbauerkogel, Mostschänke Horner (tavern) and the many restaurants in Windischgarsten’s town centre are looking forward to welcoming you. Stop by for a snack or a meal, recharge your batteries, and you’re good to go again – off to new adventures! 

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A mother and daughter enjoying the speedy ride with the Alpine Coaster on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler

Alpine Coaster

Full speed ahead & downhill!

Find out about this all-weather, action-packed leisure activity on Adventure Mountain! 

A biker jumps over the ramp and is cheered on by spectators | © Michael Steiner


Action on two wheels

Four trails in various levels of difficulty are waiting for you to have a go at them! 


3D archery

On a hunt for adventure 

Ready, aim, shoot! Explore the forest with bow and arrow and give this fun leisure-time activity a shot! 

A teenager climbing the rock face at the Mountain Climbing Park  | © Alpenverein

Mountain Climbing Park

Up the mountain secured by a rope

If you're aiming high, you should check out Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park! 

Outside view of the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Elke Mitterhuber

Panorama Tower

Breathtaking scenic views 

Look forward to stunning scenic views, an exhibition about "The fascinating world of rocks", and the new tower quiz! 

Map showing you the directions to Wurbauerkogel, if you're arriving by car.

Getting here & parking

Well on your way to adventure

By car, bus or train – all roads lead to Adventure Mountain in Windischgarsten.



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