Knowing how to handle bow and arrow takes practice, which you can get at the 3D archery course on Wurbauerkogel. | © Hinterramskogler
Give it a shot!
Fun with bow and arrow on Adventure Mountain

3D archery on Wurbauerkogel

When the arrow hits the target

You’ve got your eye on the bear, you’ve got your fingers on the bowstring, and your concentration is reaching new heights. The arrow is whizzing through the air towards the target and: Yes, you’ve done it – one shot, one hit! Archery isn’t just a great form of exercise for the body, it also challenges your mind and focus. During an excursion to Wurbauerkogel, you’ve got the opportunity to experience something exceptional with friends and family. 

Besides the bull’s eyes at the practice area, several 3D animals on idyllic hiking trails in a beautiful natural setting are waiting for you to practice your aiming skills. Where’s the chamois buck? Behind which tree does the stag hide? Between which bushes does the shy wolf sneak around? On the 3D archery course on Wurbauerkogel, beginners and advanced get to feel like true archery pros thanks to three-dimensional animal mockups. 

A girl practicing her aiming skills with bow and arrow while a boy tries to distract her.  | © Hinterramskogler
A young boy renting a bow at the 3D archery course on Wurbauerkogel.
Employee at the rental location at the archery practice area  | © Hinterramskogler
The 3D bear target was hit by several arrows!  | © Hinterramskogler
Girl ariming at the 3D targets on the forest archery course on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Hinterramskogler
Numerous kids practicing their aiming skills at the canopied practice area of the 3D archery course.
Boy laughing while trying to pull the bowstring.  | © Hinterramskogler
Mother and son are collecting their arrows after hitting the target.  | © Hinterramskogler

3D archery for families and beginners

Practice makes perfect

In the mood to try something new and spend some enjoyable moments in nature with your loved ones? At the practice area – protected from the sun with a canvas awning – aspiring archers can also look forward to additional adventure stations. For instance, you can give blowgun target practice, tomahawk throwing or hand-held catapults a try. What’s more, the panorama loop leads families through forests and meadows on their “hunt” for various 3D targets. 

Group and team events

Because archery is more fun when enjoyed as a group

A stag here, a fox there, and way over there a big brown bear – on the 3D archery course on Wurbauerkogel, school groups and other teams or clubs can feel like skilled huntsmen. Together, you can hike along signposted trails, go on a hunt for wild boars, and never lose sight of what matters most: Concentration and teamwork are the secret sauce for finding and hitting the various 3D targets … 

The motto for school and team events on Wurbauerkogel: “When you’ve got bow and arrow in your hands – give it your best shot!” Spend exciting moments as a group, and strengthen your team spirit on the 3D archery course! 

Interesting facts about archery

All the info you’ll need in a compact overview

Which services are included in the ticket price? What’s the minimum age to be able to participate in this activity? And what’s there to keep in mind? Questions you’ll receive an answer to right now: 

  • Tickets to the 3D archery course are valid for an entire day. 
  • Everyone receives a brief instruction by one of the guides. 
  • Beginners and those who haven’t practiced in a while can warm up and work on their aiming skills in the practice area. 
  • Two different courses are available. 
  • Rental equipment such as recurve bows, arm protectors, quivers and arrows is available on site. 
  • Children between six and fourteen years are allowed to give archery a shot – however, they need to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Thanks to the canvas awning at the practice area and with the right clothing, 3D archery is an all-weather activity. Find out what else you can do on Wurbauerkogel on rainy days


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