The nostalgic one-person chairlift takes guest onto Adventure Mountain.
The lift
to adventure

THE chairlift on Wurbauerkogel

An easy way to get to the top of Adventure Mountain

“Let’s go up, up and away – the world looks so much smaller from up there” – in line with the chorus of a German song, taking the chairlift onto Wurbauerkogel is an experience and adventure in itself … 

The one-person chairlift conveniently takes you from the valley station onto Adventure Mountain where the 3D archery course and the Panorama Tower are located. Once the nostalgic chairlift is set in motion, it seems to be floating up to its destination – a worthy experience thanks to the unique atmosphere. And once you arrive at the top, the impressive setting of the Pyhrn-Priel region and the beautiful scenery of Windischgarsten’s valley will have you in awe … 

Services at the mountain station

Taking the chairlift to leisure-time joy

The chairlift transports guests (and their bikes) up to higher altitudes. It’s also a means to an end: to experience the diverse recreational activities on Adventure Mountain. Riding down the trails on your bike, sneaking through the forest equipped with bow and arrow, or feeling the airflow caress your face as you swoosh on the Alpine Coaster in the valley. There is plenty to see and do.

Important information for using the chairlift

  • Children who are less than 1.10 metres tall must sit on an accompanying person’s lap. 
  • Children who are between 1.10 and 1.25 metres tall can only use the chairlift by themselves if an accompanying person expressly consents to it. 
  • Children taller than 1.25 metres are free to use the chairlift as an adult would.