Climber at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park mastering the rope bridge  | © Alpenverein
in Windischgarsten

Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park

Outdoor fun on Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain

You’ve got a tight grip on the impressive rock face. Your hands covered in climbing gloves, you’re well on your way to via ferrata joy. Some strength, a bit of flexibility, and comfortable clothing: That’s all you need for your high-altitude adventure. Surrounded by limitless freedom and breathtaking views, you’re somewhere in the middle of the rock face. The goal for many climbing enthusiasts and mountaineers is to become one with nature and their surroundings. Being highly focused on what you’re doing and the next steps you’re about to take – that’s a matter of course for many sporty excursionists on Wurbauerkogel. 

Enjoy the incomparable feeling you’ll have while climbing – when you’re fully in the here and now and everything else becomes secondary! 

Climber at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park mastering the rope bridge  | © Alpenverein
Two children climbing the via ferrata on Wurbauerkogel | © Alpenverein
A teenager climbing the rock face at the Mountain Climbing Park  | © Alpenverein
Climbers at the Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park | © Alpenverein

Bannholzmauer: a rock face unlike any other

The via ferrata wall in Windischgarsten

A feeling of freedom, strength and success as you’re mastering the challenge: That’s what you’ll get on this 50-metre rock face on Wurbauerkogel. Bannholzermauer Mountain Climbing Park lets both beginners and advanced climbing enthusiasts experience a thrilling adrenaline rush. 

The starting point is either at the car park along the road up to the mountain station or the mountain station itself (exit chairlift). From there, it’ll take you about 15 to 25 minutes on foot to get to the Mountain Climbing Park (hiking trails no. 1/8 or 8). 

For stunning scenic views of Windischgarsten’s valley, we recommend visiting the platform of the Panorama Tower. On clear days, you’ll have a view of the beautiful Veichltal valley, Rading and the green foothills of the Sensengebirge range as well as the summits of the Totes Gebirge range – among them, Großer Priel and Spitzmauer. 

Facts about the Bannholzmauer rock face:

  • The rock face is about 50 metres high. 
  • via ferratas for every level of skill: 
    • A (easy)
    • B (moderately difficult)
    • C (difficult) 
    • D (very difficult) 
    • E/F (extremely difficult) 
  • The Mountain Climbing Park is accessible to the public. 
  • an exceptional view spanning from the Veichltal valley all the way to Rading 
  • access via Wurbauerkogel’s chairlift and hiking trail no. 1/8 (25 min) or via the Bergstraße car park and hiking trail no. 8 (15 min)
  • Rental equipment is available at the 3D archery course
  • Via ferratas differ in length – from 32 to 100 metres. 


ÖAV-Sekt. TK Windischgarsten
Salzastraße 20, 4580 Windischgarsten

Tips for visiting the Mountain Climbing Park on Adventure Mountain

Beginner or pro: At Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park, you can select from seven routes in various levels of difficulty from A/B to E/F. When you’re exploring the vertical wall, it’s entirely up to you which route you choose – just make sure, it’s right for your level of skill! Important: If you would like to climb one of the via ferratas, you need a full set of safety equipment including helmet, climbing harness and via ferrata set.  

Tip: For via ferrata E/F, we recommend wearing climbing gloves and shoes. 

A convenient feature of Bannholzmauer Mountain Climbing Park: Whether you’re a member of an alpine club or the mountain rescue team, or just a passionate climber in general: On Wurbauerkogel, you can practice, expand and perfect your skills. What’s more, the access points to the via ferratas can be reached easily from the valley station by using the chairlift. From the mountain station, it’ll take you about 25 minutes to get there. 

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