The glass Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel in spring with the mountains in the background.
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Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel

The scenic-view tower in Windischgarsten

A stunning mountain scenery is waiting for you at the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel in the Pyhrn-Priel region. On days with good visibility, a total of 21 two-thousand-metre mountains can be seen from atop Adventure Mountain. The names of the surrounding summits are written on panorama boards at the various levels of the tower. Up on the scenic-view platform, you’ll get breathtaking 360-degree views – from the Sensengebirge to the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and the Haller Mauern, the Warscheneck and the Totes Gebirge. What’s more, you might be able to see the distinctive Kleiner Buchstein at Gesäuse National Park! 

One wow-moment after another: That’s what you’ll experience on the glass tower in Windischgarsten – from an entirely new perspective. 

“The fascinating world of rocks” (exhibition)

Food for thought at the Panorama Tower

21 metres high and more than six storeys tall: The glass Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel is quite the sight to see. But it doesn’t just hold spectacular views of the surrounding Upper Austrian mountains in store – it also houses an interesting exhibition. 

Little and grown-up visitors can find out more about the local mountains as well as their flora and fauna at an exhibition titled “The fascinating world of rocks”. 

Special tip: With the audio guide, you’ll get a variety of additional information in German, English or Czech. 

On 150 square metres of exhibition space, unique, remarkable and astonishing feats of the plant and animal kingdom are on exposition. 

Did you know?

  • Which type of bird is the fastest in the world reaching an outrageous 300 kilometres per hour when power-diving? 
  • Who or what is a “Bergmandl”? 
  • Which animal is also called the “pine gardener of the mountains”? 

You didn’t? Then you’ll definitely find the answers at the exhibition. 

At the climate station, you’ll learn more about the winners and losers of global warming and how to pack your rucksack in an environmentally friendly way. 

And for all lovers of nature: How about going on a guided tour of Kalkalpen National Park  with one of our rangers?

NEW: The tower quiz

How learning something new becomes fun

The quiz booklet helps you get to know the Panorama Tower and tells you more about the exposition it houses. The new tower quiz tests your knowledge and makes the Panorama Tower yet another highlight – especially for school groups, families and excursionists. Browse the exhibition with eyes wide open and find the hidden questions! That’s how a visit to the Panorama Tower will make you even smarter.

Tip: This offer can optionally be added to all package deals for school groups!

Visitors at the "The fascinating world of rocks exhibition participating in the tower quiz.
Young visitor at the "The fascinating world of rocks" exhibition at the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel. | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Iris Egelseer
The audio guide makes the "The fascinating world of rocks" exhibition even more interesting.  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Iris Egelseer
A visitor looking at the big illustrations at the "The fascinating world of rocks" exhibition.  | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Iris Egelseer
A look into the rock cinema at the Panorama Tower on Wurbauerkogel

By the way: Companies, clubs and school groups can visit the Panorama Tower outside of its opening hours if they make a reservation in advance. 

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